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New album out

"the wonderful world of kissing" (komodo records/black coffee/distrisound) out on May 12th 2004 ( Belgium only). Listen

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Agent 5.1 appears courtesy on those projects :


"Sacrée Nuit" featuring Girls in Hawaii, Ghinzu, Sharko, Soldout, Jeronimo, Superlux,...

"Memento from Sacrée Nuit: a successful night (12/05/2004) @ the Botanique with the best Belgian artists. This compilation was also distributed with the famous french magazine les Inrockuptibles for their issue nr 440. Please note there is an inversion between tracks 11 & 12 on the disc: so the agent 5.1 track is actually in 12th position"
(Le Botanique - Belgium - may 2004)

"French Touch Lounge" featuring Le Tone, The Supermen Lovers, Telepopmusik,...

"The Indian Label Deep Emotions launch a new set of compilations called French Touch. Lounge is the first volume".
(Deep Emotions - India - april 2004)

new : goodies

Cake Song

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Album Con Furore out now.

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  • Taiwan : September Music
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland : Toscana Rec.(Confused Records)
  • France : Nocturne
  • Belgium : Distrisound
  • Japan : Cisco
  • Portugal : Musica alternativa
  • Italy : w & b (white & black)

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